Caring for Someone With Dementia

Dr. Sanjay Gupta via AARP gives some guidelines on caring for a loved one with Dementia. Tips like: How to respond when they “forget”…. Taking care of the caregiver, and more… Click on the link to see the Video: https://videos.aarp.org/detail/video/6217227108001/how-to-care-for-someone-with-dementia?CMP=EMC-MIM-DIS-OTH-CAREGIVING-AfterEaster21_PE3_T2-1058400-1397401-04152021_V_DrSanjayGuptaTips_IMG_Caregiving-5387379-&encparam=vafCxnCyz9FZLwkJ6x6l2qHb1makkEiaTWS6q7b0MIo= Other Links: https://www.verywellhealth.com/best-dementia-support-groups-4843171 (The 7 Best Dementia Support Groups of 2021–Very Well Health) https://www.alz.org (Alzheimer’s […]

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Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep can positively or negatively effect our health, with major impact on cognition, memory, immunity levels, as well as emotional well-being or emotional distress. Have you been getting enough sleep? What’s the minimum amount of sleep for most people? How do foods effect our sleep… Visit https://www.yahoo.com/news/4-foods-ll-help-sleep-195058549.html for that story. And if you want to

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